Sweden: Sex Is Now A Registered Sporting Discipline

It may sound strange but it’s real and official!

Sex has been recognized as a sporting discipline in Sweden.

Sweden is the first country to register sex as a sport and decided to host a tournament to this effect. The sporting event will come off in Gothenburg on 8 June 2023.
The President of the Swedish Federation of Sex, Dragan Bratych, acknowledges that contorting sex into a sport was unavoidable, as it facilitates mental and physical well-being.
He accentuated the significance of training for participants to achieve desired results.

Pleasure plays a crucial role in this sport, with the opponent’s enjoyment directly affecting the score.

The Swedish Sex Federation acknowledges that sex as a sport
requires creativity, strong emotions, imagination, physical fitness, endurance, and performance.

The championship will take place near
Gothenburg, Sweden, starting on June 8, 2023, with participants from various
European countries.

The list of disciplines for the Sex includes;


● Seduction.
● Massage of various parts of the body.
● Massage of erotic zones on the opponent’s body.
● Prelude.
● Oral sex.
● Penetration.
● Endurance.
● Appearance
● Pose Performance.
● Creativity in Change of Position.
● Endurance and
● The Number of Orgasms
● Artistic performance and
● Exchange of postures.
● Increased blood pressure and heart rate during competition.
● The most beautiful and difficult pose.
● The most artistic communication.

Meanwhile, contestants are also anticipated to be well-conversant in the Kamasutra and will be given additional points for exhibiting as numerous of its disciplines in their challenges.
During the final evaluation, winners will be selected through a 70-30 split; 70% audience votes and  30% jury rating. According to the report, 20 contestants from different countries have already applied. The organizers have also articulated that sexual orientation can play a strategic role in this sport and assume that other European countries will embrace the same in the future.

Sport has often been used as a flexible term to refer to numerous weird and extraordinary activities such as wife-carrying, underwater hockey, extreme ironing, and chess boxing – all legitimate sporting disciplines that a sharp Google search will confirm. But none compare to Sweden’s motion to announce sex as a sport. As could be anticipated, netizens have a lot to comment about it, both for and against.

Credit: dailymirror.UK.

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