Ty Dolla Sign Provides Update Following Sudden Hospitalization

The Grammy Award nominated singer got into an apparent skateboarding accident over the weekend.

Ty Dolla Sign was hospitalized over the weekend after an apparent skateboarding accident. On Saturday (November 26), the Grammy Award-nominated singer shared an Instagram photo of himself laying in a hospital bed with tubes hooked up to his body. Although he failed to provide any context to the photo, he shared a more detailed explanation following his discharge.

“They just let me out,” he wrote on his Instagram Stories. “Had a skating accident and was knocked out for a few but I’m back. Praise God. Thanks to everyone that prayed for me and showed me love. I love you more.”

Ty Dolla Sign also thanked a select few for getting him to the emergency room and staying by his side as doctors figured out what was going on with him.

According to Ty’s Instagram posts, he’s been overseas on tour for the past few weeks. Over the summer, he teamed up with Taco Bell and Brisk Iced Tea for an endorsement deal as part of a Miami concert, one of his first big gigs since the pandemic started.

Ty dolla IG post

“It feels so good to know that I still have people that still like my music,” he said at the time. “Shout out to all of my fans out there and we’re going to keep on going. We still here. To all my fans out there, you already know we’re coming. I’ve been working hard on something very special. So just know what’s coming and thank you guys for staying down for so long and let’s keep it going.”

More recently, Ty Dolla Sign worked on the single “Willing To Trust” with Kid Cudi on his latest album, Entergalactic. Check it out below.


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