Why Cassie’s lawsuit against Diddy was settled and dismissed so quickly

Cassie accused ex-boyfriend Diddy of decade-long physical, emotional, and sexual assault

Cassie’s lawsuit against ex Diddy was settled so quickly because Cassie “ran out of time” and Diddy knew it was going to “coast him a lot.”

Amongst ongoing speculations as to why the bombshell lawsuit was settled and dismissed so quickly, lawyer Neama Rahmani told US Weekly that the reason was the ticking clock on the New York Adult Survivors Act.

“The reason that this lawsuit was settled was probably the reason that it was filed in the first place. Cassie ran out of time,” Rahmani explained.

The attorney, who is not part of Cassie’s legal team, further detailed that some of Cassie’s allegations were “a little bit older,” which meant that the statute of limitations had ended.

However, the Adult Survivors Act in New York would allow her to file a civil lawsuit and sexual assault cases.

The only catch was that the window on the Act closes on November 24.

“Cassie was up against the clock and the parties really were unable to finalize their negotiations before that window was going to close. So, she was forced to file a lawsuit,” Rahmani explained.

The lawyer further posited that once Cassie did file the lawsuit Thursday last week, “Diddy saw the writing on the wall, realized that this is going to cost him a lot, not just in terms of legal fees but his reputation as well. So, he quickly settled it.”

On Friday, the lawsuit was settled, and on Monday, it was officially dismissed, making it “one of the fastest settlements in American history.” 


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