Yvonne’s Diss Song Is Not The First time Of Me Using Music To Speak – Sarkodie

Granting an interview with hosts Angela Yee and Chellah, the notable Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie admitted that he has utilized music to address various issues in the past, but there are specific subjects he chooses not to engage with, as they may usher him to lose his stillness.

Sarkodie clarified that while he doesn’t shy away from dealing with certain matters through his music, there are some issues that he opposes debating publicly because they may stimulate strong feelings.

“This is not the first time I’ve done records to address certain issues, I don’t know but there are certain things I hate to feed into especially speaking about it because maybe I might lose my cool,” the Tema-based rapper uttered.

He called attention to the significance of picking his words carefully, particularly when it pertains to emotional issues between two people.

Touching on his Diss song in reaction to Yvonne Nelson’s memoir, “Try Me,” Sarkodie underscored that he was not necessarily proud of dropping the song.

“I am not going sit here and say I am super proud of it, the thing is just in a moment how I felt whether be my truth there should have been a way you could have said it that’s why I don’t like to speak about it because this is a conversation between two people,” he counted.

Nonetheless, at that point, he felt pushed to speak his truth and emotions via music.

He conceded that there could have been other modes to deal with the situation, but the song served as a medium for him to share his side of the tale.

“We could have a conversation if you want to talk about it because it involves me as well,” he implied.

Known in private life as Michael Owusu Addo, the ‘Adonai’ rapper conveyed his compunction about immersing in public conversations on sensitive issues, as he believes some people may take advantage of his hesitation to respond.

He expatiated that people may presume he will not speak up and use that to their advantage.

However, he admitted that periodically, he senses the necessity to use music as a means of responding to certain situations.

“People know that Sark doesn’t speak, people think they’ll say something and know Sark is not gonna speak and is gonna get away with it so once in a while…” he said.

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