50 Cent Says Jay-Z Started Winning Grammys Once He Commenced Dating Beyoncé

The G-Unit records bankroller thinks Jigga’s relationship with Queen Bey has enabled the Roc-A-Fella record label co-founder to amass Grammy wins over the past twenty years and counting.

Government name Curtis Jackson believes Jay-Z’s Grammy wins are in large part due to the latter’s union to Beyoncé.

The Power/BMF TV series magnate debated the topic in a new interview for the cover story of XXL’s 20th-anniversary issue. According to Fif, Jay didn’t begin gathering Grammy awards until he and Bey started going out in the early 2000s


“Even JAY-Z’s career, you can look at that and say the association to Beyoncé is when he started to receive the 16, 17 Grammys since he’s been with Beyoncé,” the G-Unit Record label exec clarified. “And you go, before that… [he had] one. That came with the association.”

A sharp depth dip into Jay’s Grammy wins confirms Fif’s assertion checks out. After winning Best Rap Album for his 1998 LP Vol 2…Hard Knock Life, Hov didn’t win another Grammy award until 2004, when he and Bey won Best R&B Song for their collaborative hit “Crazy In Love.” Since then, Jay has earned an additional 22 Grammy awards.

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“You see [Jay and Beyoncé’s] kids already have Grammys. They don’t sing yet. They don’t sing. They don’t rap yet. And, they already have Grammys and shit. So, they say, ‘Give them this trophy so we can secure that they’re coming — to the awards show.’”

“It meant that much to the culture they just gave them the things,” he added, implying the Carter family’s accolades are not entirely genuine.

Fif proceeded by firing the Grammys for barring him from the 2004 award show, which witnessed the ‘In The Club’ hitmaker earn five nominations on the power of his record-breaking 2003 debut Get Rich or Die Tryin’.

“Later, people look at it and they honour those things,” he said. “It didn’t matter to me in that time period—I was like ‘Fuck it.’ Don’t give me the trophy. So what? They didn’t give me Best New Artist and I sold 13 million records. That’s the largest debuting Hip Hop album.”

Watch 50 Cent’s full interview with XXL below.

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