As A Radio/TV Host In Ghana, You Ought To Be Scandalous – Michy

Shatta Wale’s one-time sweetheart, Michy has mentioned that a Radio/TV Presenter has to be “scandalous” to keep their programme viewership and listener-ship high.

According to the ‘Hustle’ music maker, she memorized this after taking up the challenge of hosting a television programme in 2022 at Accra-based Wontumi TV, she let out.

Being a guest on Showbiz A to Z hosted by Kwame Dadzie on Accra-based radio station, Joy FM, Saturday, August 12, 2023, she had been quizzed on how it feels like to be the canvasser after many years of being a guest on various programmes.

“If feels good,” she said. “At least you don’t get to ask me questions again.”

“The only painful part is some of my guests are so naughty. I’d ask a personal question then they’ll refer me to my past,” she added, light-heartedly noting this makes her wonder who exactly is the interviewer and otherwise.

Overall, “it’s fun,” she indicated. “It’s fun, it’s nice to be in that seat. It’s quite a task as well.”

Turning her attention to another challenge, she called attention to her speech impediment.

“I have – I call it a deformity – with my speech. I speak on my tongue,” she spoke out.

The host remarked on her exceptional representation.

“I try,” she responded. “I’ve learnt how to not make it so obvious.”

She proceeded and uttered “One of my biggest insecurities,” she revealed, “especially facing the camera straight up like that – so this was an opportunity to overcome those insecurities”.

She, nonetheless, counted she has a “little fan base” who are fond of watching her manage her delivery.

Dadzie wondered if she now relishes why TV and radio presenters propel their guests to answer questions when they are being secretive.

“I think I’ve learned that you have to be scandalous to be a presenter in Ghana,” Michy stressed.

Here, she remembered an interview with Hiplife youngster Fotocopy which “went left” based on some questions she questioned.

According to her, she had taken for granted that not all kids in Ghana are like her “confident child”.

shatta Michy

She was so concerned about Fotocopy’s welfare, she mentioned she phoned to check on him after the session.

That said, Michy wrapped up: “But that is how the game is. That’s how I’ve realised the game should be. Otherwise, your show will be [at] the bottom.”

Story By Edem Latsu Nukafu

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