Cam’ron Implies He & Ma$e Slept With Lil Kim & Foxy Brown After Dirk Nowitzki Confession

Cam’ron has suggested that he and Ma$e slept with both Lil Kim and Foxy Brown after NBA legend Dirk Nowitzki admitted they were his two ’90s crushes.

Speaking on their sports talk show It Is What It Is about Nowitzki’s recent admission, Cam said: “He like our old joints,” before starting to laugh. “You had one, I had one. I think. I don’t know, maybe I’m buggin.’”

“Dirk’s one of us!” joked Ma$e, who also discussed the former Dallas Mavericks star’s taste in women.

“I knew Dirk was a n-gga, yo. I knew there was a reason we liked Dirk,” he said. “Foxy Brown and Lil Kim? The n-gga got ratchet taste! He definitely does. He’s the leader in ratchet. Shout out to Foxy, shout out to Lil Kim. Those are my peoples, I love them.”

The famed NBA power forward detailed his crushes during a recent episode of Matt Barnes and Stephen Jackson’s All the Smoke podcast, saying: “Childhood crush? I mean the ’90s? I mean, Lil Kim. Foxy Brown.”

Foxy was particularly delighted to get a shoutout, later responding: “[Love] u DIRK Haaaaaaaa![fire emojis] HEAVY ON DAT OREO LIFE!!!!! @swish41 [laughing emoji] WHAT WOULD Y’ALL NAME IT? [laughing emojis].”


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