How Can We Make Accra Less Expensive? – M.anifest Queries Fans

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

One of Ghana’s best rap lyricist, government name Kwame Ametepe Tsikata, known in show biz circles as M.anifest has expressed his concern about the high cost of living in Accra on social media, sparking a wider discussion about how to make the city more affordable for its residents.

The ‘We Dey Manage’ rapper in an X  (formerly Twitter social media platform) post on Monday, December 4, 2024 bluntly disclosed what he described as the high cost of obtaining goods and service in the country’s capital, Accra. 

The ace musician proceeded and asked his followers what could be done to make the city more livable and cheaper for its residents.  

”Ah… on the real Accra dey cost too much. How do we go about it making it cheaper and more livable? Where do we begin?” he penned.

Tellingly, the pockets of its residents are being stretched by Accra’s rising expenses, which are driven by factors such as housing, transportation, and basic amenities. The god emcee’s inquiry reflects the collective feeling of those facing the challenges of affordability in urban development.

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