Cardi B Fulfills Her 15 Days Of Community Service

Cardi B is getting her 15 days of community service done one by one and it looks like part of that load was designated toward NYC cops more specifically The rapper popped into the NYPD Police Academy in Queens Friday for what seems to be a formal appearance she set up with some higher-ups in the force part of which was caught on camera as officers in training cheered her on Cardi’s appearance at the NYPD Academy wasn’t for cops, but for kids little girls, to be specific.

We’re told she showed up for a police mentorship program called Girl Talk, which is most certainly serving the community and fulfilling her pledge. After the appearance, she was talking about how this would, indeed, go toward her court-ordered community service.

In one tweet, she wrote “My brains are burning from waking up early ,community service then studio….but I did the crime ‘I only have myself to blame.


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