Master P Brings Receipts Over Former Artists’ Claims He Owes Them Money 

After being accused of doing bad business, Master P is fighting back against claims from former associates, and now he’s got receipts.

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The No Limit Records founder initially addressed those airing out their grievances during a recent interview, insisting he treats his artists well and calling for a statute of limitations on former associates complaining about him. 

However, he doubled down in a pair of new Instagram posts, denying Fat Trel and Jess Hilarious’ claims that he owes them money.  

“I wish @fat_gleesh_ the best. But he is owed nothing from me or my company,” he began, referring to Fat Trel’s assertion that he and Atlanta rapper Alley Boy are owed money for an album Master P allegedly released without their knowledge.  

“The only business we ever did was put out a free mixtape on in 2013 which is available to download for free today. We also put it on iTunes, which it didn’t sale because you could get it free from Livemixtapes. I covered the entire production costs, paid for flights, an apartment and rental cars that were trashed and damaged.” 

Master P Says: “I Have The Receipts To Prove It”

Furthermore, Master P insisted, “I’m the only one that made a financial investment in this project and took a loss.” He also claimed, “I have receipts to prove it. Everyone that was around us at that time knows the truth.” 

To Alley Boy, Master P said their record “didn’t Pop back then because we didn’t have a Hit Record.” He claimed he also lost money on investing in the project and hasn’t been able to recoup from streaming. “That’s one of the reasons why I got out of the music industry and into the product game. Product don’t talk back,” he added. 

The New Limit CEO also addressed Jess Hilarious. She recently said “I’m still owed some bread” for the I Got the Hook-Up 2 skit. Master P said he loves the comedian but she ” got paid what she was owed.” In a separate post, he stated he had “the copy of the check that was cashed and paid, but if she tryna squeeze me for another 10k she got that.”  

Check out the posts below.

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