Hollywood Moviemaker Takes Film Project To South Africa Over Inability Of Ghana Govt Aid

Hollywood filmmaker Angela White has described her dissatisfaction with the Ghanaian government at the just-held Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

During a panel dialogue at the festival, she disclosed her conclusion to push her subsequent movie project from Ghana to South Africa. 

However this wasn’t just a move propelled by personal intention; Angela White sought to emphasize the difficult challenges confronted by diasporan creatives when trying to invest in Ghana, encouraging the government to step up its sponsorship.

It’s worth pointing out that Angela White’s enterprise, coming from America, had formerly worked together with the Ghanaian government to great success. 

The previous year, they undertook an innovative exploit that not only brought substantial business options but also raised the nation’s cinematic terrain. The project, an intriguing thriller titled ‘Nine,’ employed a crew of over 120 talented people and featured an excellent cast comprising more than 50 gifted actors. 

With its Pan-African attraction, ‘Nine’ brags of an ensemble that includes Ghana’s dazzling dexterity, Chris Attoh, alongside the celebrated Kate Henshaw from Nigeria and the appealing Rosemary Zimu from South Africa, among a collection of other stars. 

The shooting of the movie took place in the vibrant city of Accra, and the buzz spawned by the project even saw a surge in the AirBnB sector, enormously strengthening the country’s earnings.

Angela White disseminated the fascinating backstory of ‘Nine’ during her appearance, disclosing that it initially commenced as a subtle short movie called ‘Be My Valentine.’ 

However, as months of creative contemplation evolved, the project naturally flourished into a full-fledged feature movie, filled with imaginable and artistic excellence.

In pouring out her frustration, she stated, “I brought a lot of revenue to Ghana and the reason why my next project, probably South Africa, is because I got nowhere with the Ghanaian government. It became a battle and so I’m happy to see Idris take this fight because if they don’t start getting country credits, the work’s gonna go to South Africa.”

While the movie maker’s present meetings in Ghana may have been frustrating, Angela White remains zealously hopeful. 

She applauded the endeavours of industry heavyweight Idris Elba, who has been actively advocating Ghana’s blossoming movie industry. 

With a relentless essence, Angela White fervently expects that the Ghanaian government will come to realize the enormous economic usefulness and cultural exchange that cooperation with diaspora creatives can contribute. 

By facilitating an atmosphere that nurtures and aids these confederations, Ghana has the tremendous option to position itself as a global hub for invention and creative articulation.

In the countenance of misfortune, Angela White’s unwavering will serves as an inspiring testament to the resilience and determination of diasporan creatives. 

Her ardent appeal to the Ghanaian government serves as a wake-up call, encouraging them to assume the extensive prospect that lies within their grasp. As the movie industry proceeds to grow, countries must take these priceless opportunities to thrive in the international space.

  • Who Is Angela White?

Angela White is the first African-American lady to produce and own a production company that released a theatrically faith-based movie, entitled “A Question of Faith,” featuring Kim Fields and Richard T. Jones. 

Angela’s movies have displayed some of today’s A-list Hollywood talent, comprising: “4Play,” featuring Tiffany Haddish; “The Last Letter,” starring Omari Hardwick; “The Sin Seer,” starring Isaiah Washington and Salli Richardson; and “My Favorite Five,” starring Brian White and Jay Ellis, among others.

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