MUSIGA Chides Scheme By Some Creatives To Build Another Musician Union

The administration of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) has publicized that some of its members are intending to build “a new MUSIGA.”

In an official communique signed by the Acting President of the union, Bessa Simons, the action is a scheme to compel chaos among the members.

“After the failure of their legal machinations and manoeuvring, this latest attempt to break the ranks of MUSIGA is unwarranted and must be condemned by all well-meaning musicians. According to MUSIGA s Constitution, Article 7.4.1. Membership shall be open to; Professional musicians who are not members of any rival body of musicians,” he pens.

Mister Simons also cites a part of the union’s constitution (Article 7.7) which talks about Conflict of Interest.

“No member shall be permitted to hold membership in any union of musicians not affiliated with the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) or in any other organization, the association of musicians or collecting society that has goals or engages in a pattern of conduct undermining the legitimate interest/s of the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) or any affiliate.”

He continued to warn that any member who signs on to the purported New MUSIGA automatically renounces their membership in the union.

Meanwhile, the Musicians Union of Ghana (MUSIGA) will be carrying out its elections on August 8, 2023.

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