How I got cancelled for saying Ghana influenced Nigerian music – Mr Eazi

Renowned singer and serial entrepreneur, Mr Eazi reflects on becoming a target of cancel culture following his claim that Ghana had an impact on Nigerian music.

On January 11, 2017, Mr Eazi tweeted about the significant influence of Ghanaian music on contemporary Nigerian music, sparking backlash. Numerous fans, colleagues, and music enthusiasts threatened to cancel him in response.

Addressing the criticism in a recent episode of the Afrobeats Intelligence Podcast with host Joey Akan, Mr Eazi expressed that he doesn’t regret his statement despite the threats.

However, he expressed disappointment that some individuals he considered friends in the industry joined others in cancelling him instead of addressing the matter privately.

The ‘Leg Over’ artist also criticized those who continue to harbour resentment towards him, asserting that his statement was not profound and suggesting that their animosity stems from unrelated reasons.

In his words;


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