I Yearn To Move Into Politics Because It’s Lucrative In Ghana Currently – Michy

Born Diamond Michelle Gbagonah, but known in showbiz circles as Michy, has recently disclosed her aspirations to leg it into the domain of national politics.

In a recent interview with Multimedia’s showbiz host Kwame Dadzie, Michy conveyed her rationale for embarking into the political space.

According to Shatta Wale’s baby mama, her quest for legal schooling is inherently correlated to her political endeavours while resolute to attend to the public.

“I do have goals, that is why I am going to school now. I have several goals in the future and it wouldn’t include doing this [music] for my 40s, my 50s. Hopefully, we can go into politics,” she enunciated.

Echoing her conclusion to go into politics, Michy emphasized the importance of the position in Ghanaian civilization.

She rhapsodizes, “That’s the best job in Ghana at the moment.”

She conceded that politics can give one a lofty status that can unlock doors for those who assume it while offering an avenue to make a palpable difference.

“It gives you a certain status in society that opens doors for you, that might not be open to anyone. So it’s for the status, and the opportunity to help other people,” she communicated.

Deeming her political aspirations, Michy, 29, divulged her choice for parliamentary involvement when the time is good.

This preference aligns with her desire to contribute to shaping policies and addressing societal challenges.

Michy’s vision extends beyond politics, as she has already made notable contributions to her community.

She indicated that she delivers meals to about eighty children in her vicinity every week, emphasizing her obligation to give back.

Meanwhile, while her political expedition is still evolving, Michy proceeds to nurture her musical endeavours.

Her new release song, titled ‘Hustle,’ mirrors her unwavering essence and perseverance.

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