Ice Cube Declares Mack 10 Feud Over “A Violation That Can’t Be Overlooked”

Ice Cube is speaking about his beef with one-time Westside Connection groupmate Mack 10, expressing that the rapper did something that can’t be “overlooked.”

In an interview with It Is What It Is, Cam’ron quizzed the business mogul about issues with his one-time groupmate, realizing that he only sees him out with WC, but not Mack.

“Nah, we don’t get down like that,” the BIG3 founder replied. “It’s just me and Dub. Me and Dub, we from the same neighbourhood, we grew up right around the corner from each other, so we have always been down since day one… I’m just happy he’s still hanging out and going out — he’s his artist, but he still goes out with me [on stage]. We’ve been all over the world together, so it’s a great thing.”

The NWA emcee communicated that he and WC “don’t get down like that” and would never cross the lines that Mack 10 did. “Yeah, it’s a problem. It’s a thing where… it’s just a violation that can’t be overlooked.”

Cube’s acknowledgement comes a month after Mack 10 talked over their falling out with bootleg Kev. The rapper, né Dedrick D’Mon Rolison, contended he doesn’t hold any grudges against his one-time collaborator, but he isn’t going out of his way to recuperate matters with him. 

“I f**k with who f**k with me, you dig? That’s where I’m at with it. If you f**k with me, I f**k with you. But if it’s f**k me, it’s f**k you,” Rolison said. “I ain’t seen him or talked to him in damn near 20 years, so there it is.” 

Mack 10 once opened up about their relationship, asserting that the matters arose from a physical altercation between himself and Cube’s brother-in-law over cash. 

“It was just an unfortunate situation, as far as what came out of all that,” 10 told DJ Vlad in 2020. “It ain’t like that just happened … I went to Cube about four or five times before the conflict jumped off and told him to correct the situation. That’s the part that everybody leaves out.”

“If it was my wife’s brother, I would’ve told him he can’t f**k my money up and he can’t be out of line with nobody I’m getting down with. And if you got that big of a problem with him, stay at home. My wife’s brother wouldn’t have stopped sh*t for me, with him.”

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