Ice Spice Producer Accused Of Paying Fans To Purchase ‘Princess Diana’ Remix On Social Media

Ice Spice has a smash hit on her hands with “Princess Diana” but the remix featuring Nicki Minaj has some fans crying foul over its potential chart position.

Several Twitter accounts began posting what they’re calling video proof of RiotUSA the producer of the “Princess Diana” remix offering money to fans to purchase the track on social media.

“which big munchkin acc or barb acc can i trust to distribute funds for y’all to buy princess diana??” the since-deleted alleged tweet read.

It’s unclear whether RiotUSA made the tweet in the first place or whether he was joking around when he wrote it but one Twitter account claimed to have reported him to Billboard and to “reach out to the director of the Hot 100.

Another account also claimed to reach out to RiotUSA directly, inquiring about the promised funds, and promising to buy all versions of the song when paid for their trouble. 

Billboard‘s new model of tracking for chart purposes places more priority on a purchased song than on a streamed song, which may explain why RiotUSA was allegedly encouraging fans to purchase the track.

However, fans won’t know until sometime next week whether the plan to purchase the single en masse affected the chart ratings.

Below is a video from a youtuber bee with the tee explaining in detail


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