Suge Knight Says ‘I Am Death Row’, Pooh-Pooh Snoop Dogg’s Ownership

In a recent jail facility telephone call, Suge Knight challenged Snoop Dogg’s ownership of the label he co-founded, claiming he lost the music label over a fraudulent dealing. 

The Long Beach dapper purchased the pioneering record company from the Blackstone-owned MNRK Music Group in February last year. However, according to Suge, there are no Death Row Records without him, and he blamed his ex-business partner Michael “Harry-O” Harris for shady transactions. 

When quizzed about the issue by TMZ, Suge uttered, “I don’t know if he does, I doubt that.”  

The one-time music mogul, presently serving 28 years for voluntary manslaughter, expressed, “I am Death Row. Suge Knight is Death Row,” before demanding iconic works like Tupac’s All Eyez On Me will perpetuity be to ascribe to his period as the Bankroller.  

Nonetheless, he proceeded to indicate Snoop Dogg and Harry Oy-O committed bankruptcy fraud to take the music firm from him.  “I didn’t lose my company by doing anything wrong,” Suge Knight began again. “They went in, and the lawyer didn’t show up, and they got a default judgment. 

Suge Knight mentions his claim that he settled the judgment was disputed, but added he only found out last week that “they committed bankruptcy fraud.” 

He claims his one-time partner filed for bankruptcy in 1995 when he “didn’t have a right to do it,” and so should have been blocked from settling the Death Row Records case.

Yet, although Suge Knight implied Snoop Dogg was implicated in the alleged shady dealings with Harry-O, the Doggfather only bought Death Row Records in 2022.  

Meanwhile, the one-time Death Row boss says all will be disclosed in his upcoming biopic.

© 2023 • Story By Edem Latsu Nukafu

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