If Obrafour’s Team Saw & Disregarded Drake’s E-mail, Then It’s Wrong – Arnold

Ghanaian Hiplife legend rapper, Obrafour has been trending recently on mainstream and digital media, coming after his $10 million lawsuit against Canadian rapper, Drake.

The Hiplife Rap Executioner is claiming that Drake sampled his song ‘Oye Ohene’ without permission, which was featured on the latter’s 2022 album, ‘Honestly, Nevermind’.

However, entertainment pundit, Arnold Asamoah-Baidoo has opined that Obrafour might have missed out on a potentially lucrative business chance by falling flat to answer back to emails from Drake’s management team.

The controversial showbiz pundit made this statement when he appeared on the ‘United Showbiz program as a guest, hosted by MzGee, on Saturday, April 22.

Expatiating how the ‘Rap Sofour’ could have profited from a possible collaboration with Drake on his music ‘Calling My Name’, Asamoah-Baidoo contended that rather than optforg to a lawsuit, Obrafour could have reached out to Drake and engaged him in a one-on-one discussion to settle the issue and perhaps build a business relationship.

Quoting his exact submissions, he spwed ; “Let me insist that if indeed Obrafour’s team saw the email and ignored it then that was a wrong move. There is no guarantee that they will win the court case. Number two, you’ve missed an opportunity have some business relationship with Drake. Why waste time and contract lawyers from the US?”

Pundit Arnold awadeswade in on the controversy circulating Mantse Aryeequaye’s claims to ownership of his voice, ‘Killer Cut’, which was featured in Obrafour’s ‘Oye Ohene’ remix song.

He proceeded emphasisedized that while he had the een populace denouncing Mantse for his public condemnation of Obrafour, the latter had allegedly disregarded Mantse’s attempts to reach out to him for 20 years.

“I have seen a lot of people bashing Mantse but the gentleman says he has been trying to reach Obrafour or Hammer for the last 20 years and they never respond to him. So, what do you expect the person to do?…the only part where Manste slacked was his continuous tagging of Drake in his tweets,” he emphasized.

It stays to be noticed how Obrafour’s lawsuit against Drake will evolve as several slopes and facets have played out since it was declared openly that he was suing for copyright infringement.

Meanwhile, neither Plaintiff nor his attorneys have communicated since the information became public some days ago.

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