Sarkodie Looks At Ghana’s Ailing Economic Plunge Amid Vast Natural Resources & Bad Leadership

Decorated Ghanaian rapper, Sarkodie, has waded into the government’s absence of discipline, abysmal leadership, corruption and nepotism in a series of new tweets.

‘Obidi’ as he is affectionately called rarely touch on topical social issues on social media in recent times, a step he’s been criticised for owing to his position as one of the leading mouthpiece in the entertainment space, articulated his disappointment with the Ghanaian government for their failure to deliver answers to the myriad of issues confronting Ghanaians.

The Tema rapper believes that Ghana has many talented and innovative people who can make something out of nothing with limited resources and sustain it for a long time.

He thinks that these people deserve to be pushed to assist the country grow and develop.

Sarkodie’s comments were made in reaction to a video analyzing why Ghana’s first president, Dr Kwame Nkrumah, was deposed from office.

The said video throws more light on Nkrumah’s book, ‘Neo-Colonialism, the Last Stage of Imperialism,’ published in 1965, which examines how foreign capital is utilized for exploitation instead of development in less developed parts of the world.

The said ape, also talks about how neo-colonialism breaks up previously large united colonial territories into small non-viable states that depend on the one-time imperial power for defence and even internal security.

The “Crisis” rapper also hailed Nkrumah for his selflessness and called on contemporary leaders to emulate his instances. According to him, the everyday politician is only interested in fulfilling their political ambitions and not in building anything for the country.

“Typical politicians are trained not to build anything but just to fulfil political ambitions (just win power) … About time we check the track records of the leaders we give power to. The discipline, commitment, and resilience needed in a leader cannot be overlooked,” Sarkodie tweeted

“When you don’t want to be responsible, you should be fine with outsiders telling you what to do,” he wrote

Finally, Sarkodie’s timely and pertinent observations have been met with favourable assessments and a few oppositions from others as Ghana, like many other African countries, proceeds to squabble with matters of governance and growth.

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