‘King of Highlife’: Amakye Dede Confesses He Was Coerced To Crown Kuami Eugene, Charterhouse Denies Involvement

In an astonishing u-turn, legendary Ghanaian highlife performer, Amakye Dede, divulged that he was compelled into crowning young fast-rising secular vocalist, Kuami Eugene, as the fortune king of highlife in Ghana.

Granting an interview to Accra-based radio station, Asaase Radio’s Asaase Breakfast Show on Wednesday, Amakye Dede uttered plainly about the events encircling the crowning juncture at the 2019 Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA). He communicated that it was not his wish or choice to confer the tag upon Kuami Eugene, implying that outer forces influenced his decision.

“Though I did that, it was not my will to do so.”

“They forced me to crown Kuami Eugene,” he revealed.

The ‘Iron Boy’ hitmaker proceeded and indicated that he initially even attempted to pass the crown given to him onto someone else, refusing to partake in the deed. However, he was finally propelled to carry out the coronation against his own will.

“I even gave the crown they handed over to me to someone to put it down, but they later said, no I have to crown him, and I did it,” he added.

‘Abrantie’ as he is affectionately called by some proponents disseminated these details, alleviating light on the behind-the-scenes dynamics that ushered to the contentious crowning moment.

The disclosure adds profundity to the ongoing conversations and criticisms circulating the selection of Kuami Eugene as the future king of highlife.

  • Backlash From Some Ghanaians

Following this incident, Amakye Dede faced significant backlash from the action section of the masses, including staunch industry players like record producer Zapp Mallet and some showbiz pundits.

Meanwhile, organizers of the event, Charterhouse have come out to debunk allegations of any involvement in the crowning moment. According to the Head of Communications of the event organizing firm, Robert Klah, they just provided the platform for both artists but have no hands in the art.

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