Leaked Kwadaso Nursing Trainee Sex Video: 3 Students Sent Home For A Year

The administration of Kwadaso SDA Nursing and Midwifery Training College in the Ashanti Region has carried out disciplinary action against some of its students.

This development was in response to a current online circulation of a viral sex video about students.

Three first-year students have been given a one-year suspension as a consequence of their involvement in the happening.

The decision was reached during a meeting with the school’s disciplinary committee, where the students confessed their offence.

Elucidating the elements of the incident, the Public Relations Officer for the school, Williams Adinkra made this disclosure during an interrogation on Kumasi-based OTEC FM, Nyansapo, on Tuesday, July 4.

Mr Adinkra stressed that the sexual affair captured in the video took place off-campus, contrary to initial reports indicating it happened on school premises.

“We met the three students immediately after the video surfaced online and they admitted the offence, the first two persons who were the ones who engaged in the sex bout and captured it in a video said they did it while on vacation,” the PRO clarified.

He proceeded and noted, “According to our investigation, the third person, who allegedly released the video, downloaded it from the girl’s phone and later demanded Ghc5,000 from her.”

Henceforward, when the girl was unable to deliver the demanded amount, the video was released online and went viral on social media.

As an effect, all three students implicated have been given a one-year suspension. Also, the student responsible for releasing the video will face additional disciplinary action upon their return to the college.

“While the three are all serving a one-year suspension, the one who released the video will be deboardinised upon their return.”

  • What Transpired?

The affair had to do with a male student who tried to blackmail two first-year Kwadaso SDA Nursing and Midwifery Training College students in Kumasi, the regional capital of Ashanti.

The sex video was leaked after the lady in the video had given her phone to a co-worker for repair.

The extortioner, having copied the video from the phone, demanded GHs5,000 from the female student and threatened to release the video if she did not comply.

With the lady incapable to meet the extortioner’s financial demand, the video was deliberately published at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday, June 23, 2023.

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