Yvonne Nelson & Sarkodie Still Love Each Other – Mr Logic

Vociferous Ghanaian showbiz pundit, Mr. Logic firmly senses that Ghanaian movie star and model, Yvonne Nelson still have some soft spot for rapper, Sarkodie coming after the release of her memoir, ‘I AM NOT YVONNE NELSON‘, where she mentions their amorous affair.

Granting an interview to Accra-based radio station 3FM on Showbiz 927, he clarified why he felt Yvonne was still in love with Sarkodie.

“It makes me feel Yvonne is still in love with Sark. This is what I think because Sark is not the only guy she has been with”, he said.

The showbiz analyst continued and appealed to Yvonne Nelson to substantiate whether or not Sarkodie, the Ghanaian rapper, was the only man that had made her have an abortion. ”

Can she come out, honestly and fervently and say ‘Sark is the only man that made me have an abortion’  Can she? …I want Yvonne to answer that question”, he questioned.

Mr. Logic conceded he has respect for Yvonne but emphasized on the fact that he needed her to answer the question.

He sounded, “She is my girl. I really respect that lady. She’s industrious and hardworking but my question is ‘Is Sark the only man that ever made you cause an abortion in your life?’”.

If that question was addressed, that is when he can take sides. Mr. Logic concluded by saying, “If that is the case, then she has the right to put it in her book. If that is not the case”

Mr Logic proceeded and expressed that if Sarkodie wasn’t the only man who had asked her to abort a foetus in her entire life then mentioning his name was very personal and a scheme to muddy his brand.

” If Sark is not the first man to make her cause abortion, then, it was a personal thing that she did, that way I will understand Sark in his song when he said that that was the bit that made him vex,” he summed up.

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