Lil Wayne Tanks Final “Welcome To Tha Carter” Show: “We Ain’t Bending Over Backwards”

lil wayne

Lil Wayne is the subject of scrutiny after he showed up late to his show at The Wiltern in Los Angeles on Saturday night (May 12) then abruptly left. While he managed to pump out several of his classics, he ultimately ended the show mid-set. The incident happened during a brief intermission when Lil Wayne decided to let Young Money artists Lil Twist, Yaj Kader and Allan Cubas take the mic.

“We appreciate it, but we ain’t about to be bending over backwards for these folks,” Lil Wayne said as Cubas was about to perform his second song. “We work too hard for this s###. We work way too hard. This my muthafuckin’ artist Allan. That was Twist and that was Yaj. We are Young Money. We appreciate y’all time.”

Judging by the look on Allen Cubas’ face, he was shocked by how the night unfolded. Lil Wayne has yet to address the abrupt cancelation publicly (and let’s be real, he probably won’t). But people are speculating he was unimpressed by the crowd’s energy, especially when it came to his new artists.

A couple who attended the show shared a video of what happened in their own words. “Yo what happened?” the man says. “We’re at the Lil Wayne show, Rosa’s never been, her favorite rapper. This fool did 30 minutes, got p#####, threw the mic down and left. But nothing was wrong. I’m so confused.”

Lil Wayne cancelled his Atlanta performance in April less than 24 hours before showtime due to “unforseen circumstances.” In this case, he vowed to make it up to his fans. Still, some weren’t so willing to forgive him.

“Mannn how many more you going to cancel tho,” one fan said,” while another added, “You cancelled Atlanta- $1,000 on good tickets and I got a call from ticket master, 6 hours prior, that it’s cancelled. I’ve been waiting 23 years for this.”

Yet another said, “I drove all the way to Atlanta got a condo took off work for the weekend just to wake up to the show being canceled… I’m mad but I’m not because it’s you. This finna be a long ride home!!”


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