Makola Market Women Get Mileage On Accra Billboard championed By Burna Boy

Nigerian superstar Burna Boy has assumed Accra’s Makola billboard in a touching homage to the indefatigable Makola Market women.

This heartfelt gesticulation arose from a viral TikTok video produced by Official Starter, a Ghanaian dancer known for his “Happy Town Project.”

Official Starter worked together with the cheerful market women, choreographing buoyant dances to notable tunes. Their latest creation featured the women dancing exuberantly to Burna Boy’s ‘City Boys.’ The content quickly went viral, throwing more light on their virulent happiness for music and dance.

Felt by their enthusiasm, the ‘African giant’ chose to portray appreciation by decorating the Makola billboard with their images. This feat of recognition heralded the women’s passion for music and dance while underscoring the strength of music to bring people together.

Social media has applauded Burna Boy for acknowledging these unsung idols and exhibiting the positive effect artists can have on their enthusiasts and societies.

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