Nick Cannon To Fill In As ‘Beat Shazam’ Host During Jamie Foxx Hospitalization

Nick Cannon will take over the hosting duties of the popular FOX game show where contestants attempt to guess songs with lyrics from hits of all genres.

Kelly Osbourne will work as the show’s DJ a position held by Jamie’s daughter, Corinne, as she takes leave to help with her dad’s recovery.

Jamie’s family and those closest to him continue to ask for prayers, echoing, “Pray for Jamie.” Jamie’s hosted the show since 2017, and he’s also an executive producer. Corinne’s been the show’s DJ since 2018, working the past 4 seasons.

The hugely popular music lyric game show was scheduled to go into production just days after Jamie was hospitalized with what Corinne described as a “medical complication” but that was delayed.

Nick and Kelly started shooting Wednesday.


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