Rapper Cam’Ron just revealed that his beloved mother, Fredericka Giles, recently passed away on February 9th. In a heartbreaking tribute, the rapper thanks social media for keeping his mom entertained and happy for the past decade.

Cam’Ron and his mom Fredericka

The Harlem rapper shared:

What a fucking ride man!! Right now I don’t have the strength to put into words to express what my mom means to me, and I’d have to right a book and maybe I will.

In 2007 my mom had a stroke leaving her partially paralyzed on her left side and a speech impediment, but if you followed her or was her friend on social media you would never know any of that. She was witty, funny, intelligent, sarcastic and out spoken. People would say “cam I know you’re writing ya moms captions” and I wasn’t. I would see my moms captions and say “where are you learning this?” (Lingo) she’s tell me “be easy lil homie” lol

So I’m so sad to inform you guys of her passing. I wasn’t going to share this because I’m in a lot of pain and Didnt think it was anyones business, But thinking about it, I really wanted to thank you all for making my moms days and nights for the last decade or so. Social media was her go to for, entertainment, news, general gossip etc. She would send me anything she thought I should know, about me or not, good or bad. She also had friends on here she fight me about. If I had a show anywhere (Boston, cali, texas etc) and she’d say “yo my friend is gonna be at the show get him/her in!” And I’d say “mom you don’t know these people” she’d say “yes I do that’s my friend” (me) “you never even met them” (her) “ I SAID GET THEM IN!!!” Lol and I would.

She wanted to know a couple months ago why she wasn’t verified, she said “I need that blue check yo” and my pr person @pqchanel
made that happen (thank you for that)
She wasn’t doing well on my bday that just past, and when I walked in her room (in the hospital) she was on IG saying “everyone wants to know what’s up with me cause I didn’t post for your bday” I said do you want me to help you make one? She was like “nah”. She wouldn’t want anybody else posting for her. She felt that like having a ghost writer I guess

So this message is really for y’all guys (her social media friends) thank you all for liking, loving and appreciating my mom.

My biggest supporter, best friend and mom

July 10, 1955-Feb 9, 2023

2/23/2023 viewing
2pm-8pm at Benta’s funeral home (in Harlem)

S/O @breedon her IG BFF

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