Rapper Trick Daddy had some harsh words for Brooklyn rapper Uncle Murda about his annual “Rap Up” tracks. Trick took a shot at Murda for a line he said about him in his Rap-Up 2021. He dubbed Murda a clown for consciously attempting to go viral. Murda responded by reposting Trick’s statement adding Trick would be a part of next year’s Rap Up.

On his new episode of his cooking show ‘I Got My Pots’ the Miami rapper shared,  “Viral is something that you do accidentally. Anybody that tries to go viral, you are considered, to me, as a clown. You’re a joke. You’re a fool. You’re a gimmick. You’re a fraud. You catfish. Viral is something that is supposed to happen accidentally unless you’re a content creator, unless you’re an actor, unless you a clown that do magic tricks.”

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He then turned his attention to the G-Unit rapper, calling him “the #1 clown for the last five years.” The Miami native went into a rant about how the 42-year-old observes the difficult things people go through, makes note of them, and puts those events into songs because he “got nothing else to do.”

Uncle Murda’s lines aimed at Trick Daddy were in response to Trick’s comments about Beyoncé’s inability to sing. “Trick Daddy said Beyoncé can’t sing, that ni**a bugged / He a coke head that’s why we tell kids say no to drugs,” Murda rapped around the five-minute mark.

Uncle Murda reposted Trick Daddy’s statement and added that Trick would be the intro for Rap-Up 2023.


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