Rapper Megan Thee Stallion & Soccer Star Lukaku Allegedly Dating

Rapper Megan Thee Stallion and Belgian soccer player Romelu Lukaku have generated dating gossip, as the two were seen together at his teammate’s wedding on Monday, May 29, 2023.

In a video making its way across social media, the two stars can be spotted sitting next to each other and also having a private chat while overlooking Lake Como.

Debates have exploded about the two conceivably attending the wedding together — although they are both under Roc Nation management. The Premier League soccer player joined Roc Nation Sports in 2018 and Megan signed on to the imprint in 2019.

The label mates’ business ties weren’t taken into deliberation as the public inferred that Meg and her current boyfriend Pardison “Pardi” Fontaine might have separated and no longer together.

Earlier this month, the rapper and songwriter dedicated a poem to “a beautiful woman I know,” in front of a live audience, adding to the idea that they still might be together.

“You’re a survivor but not a victim, somewhere in between ‘God forgive him’ and ‘I gotta get him’/ That’s why you don’t ever let these bitches get you out your rhythm/ You treat these ni**as like they buy one get one/ You out here working to keep your mind off hurting,” Fontaine mentioned.

“Get your to-do list, it’s buying candles and shopping for curtains, it’s finding your purpose/ You in your bag not just Birkins/ You know your happiness can not be purchased/ It’s deeply rooted and not just surface/ The dream ain’t big enough if you think about it and not get nervous/ If you need me, girl, I’m at your service.”

Social media discovering Meg with the pro athlete caused much commentary on Twitter, with one user writing, “Wait Lukaku is fu**ing with Megan Thee Stallion now? He’s going to show out in the [Champions League] final now.”

Another netizen tweeted, “Lukaku dating Megan thee stallion? You telling me he couldn’t score for sh*t this year but he managed that wow good for him.”

Pouring fuel to the flare, individuals in attendance during the wedding festivities caught the Traumazine MC and soccer star holding hands. Earlier this month, Meg posted a photo in an IG carousel showing her in attendance at a soccer game in San Siro, where Lukaku plays.

Neither the “Savage” rapper nor the Belgian pro has spoken on the dating assumptions.

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