Snoop Dogg Theorizes Why Jay-Z’s Never Invited Him To A Roc Nation Brunch

Snoop Dogg has shared that he’s never been invited to Jay-Z’s Roc Nation brunch, and claims he knows why. The Hip-Hop icon recently appeared on the F3LLAS PODCAST, hosted by comedians HaHa Davis and BlackBarry, where he shared that his style might be the reason he’s left out.

Vivien Killilea/Getty Images for PUMA

Snoop joked that he feels he would steal the shine from everyone else at the event. After Davis admitted that he “doesn’t get invited to none of the Roc Nation Brunches,” Snoop sympathized saying, “Don’t feel bad ni**a, me neither.”

He added, “I know why they don’t want me to come, ’cause I’ma be the sharpest. They know when I walk in, my outfit gon’ turn everything out. So they’re like, ‘Keep that ni**a away.’”

“Nah, it’s all good. I f**k with Jay, that’s my guy,” he continued. “I just ain’t had time to slide through to one of those brunches. Maybe next time we can all go together, we’ll roll up in there together. Just come in there with a linen outfit, I think you gotta have on linen.”

Other entertainers have also expressed their disdain for not being invited to the annual pre-Grammys bash, including LL COOL J and Marlon Wayans.

When visiting Big Boy’s Neighborhood, LL recalled laughing at Jay-Z’s raps back in the day and named that as the potential reason he hasn’t been invited.

“Look, I hardly remember that stuff,” he admitted to Big Boy back in May. “I love everybody. I don’t have no problems with none of these guys, man. If I laughed, okay, so what? Laugh at me. How many people have you laughed at, or snapped on, in the lunch room?”

“I don’t even remember it! I laughed at you, so now I can’t have no brunch?”

Wayans also shared his thoughts on the brunch while speaking with Big Boy in March.

“I get in Diddy party all the time,” he compared. “Diddy hit me, ‘Aye, like dat, come through, Cirôc, DeLeón, take dat, take dat shot, come have a good time.’ Always! Jay-Z… crickets, crickets.”

He added, “And I be looking at that brunch like, ‘How the hell did he get in there?!’ You be having all these worthless ass people in this damn brunch. Jay-Z is a funny dude. He listen to the streets. You ever hear that song, ‘Streets Is Watching?’”

“Jay-Z be listening to the streets so all we gotta do is talk about this and I guarantee you next year, I’m going to get an invite, and you [Big Boy] gonna be my plus 1.”

Watch Snoop Dogg, LL COOL J and Marlon Wayans all speak on not being invited to the annual Roc Nation Brunch above.


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