Some People Advised Me To Boycott– King Promise On VGMA Snub

Gregory Promise Bortey Newman, stage name King Promise has revealed that he received tons of advice from various people suggesting to him to boycott the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards, especially after multiple nominations without a win.

The ‘Terminator’ vocalist who was a guest on The Day Show on Accra-based TV station, TV3 uttered that despite the continued lack of recognition, he made a cognizant decision to attend the awards event every year for the sake of his loyal fans.

According to the Afrobeat bigwig, he realized that the drawback did not lie with his fans not endorsing him but rather with outer facets beyond their control.

“It’s not the people because when I drop the music it goes crazy so I mean I know the fans do support me,” expatiated King Promise “Even with the VGMAs there were times where I had advice from people who were like ‘cancel them, don’t go again’. People say a lot of stuff it’s up to you to make what you think of it”

However, despite the perennial trolls and critique, King Promise has been punctual at every VGMA award, eliciting outstanding music and performing annually.

“I always went still and performed, even when I didn’t win, I go the next year to perform, It’s about the fans for me”

He stressed that he composes music from a special place within him, steered by a genuine love for the art and the dearth of awards does not prevent him from chasing his fascination.

“Awards or not I was born to do this, I make this music from a special place and it’s not because of awards yeah so for that fact when we get an award, we drop bangers, when we don’t get we still drop bangers, we just keep going,” he mentioned.

King Promise at the 2023 VGMA Awards held at the Accra International Conference Center made history by snaring two highly coveted awards, “Best Afrobeats/Afropop Artiste” and “Album of the Year”; his first in a long time.

He was also fast to shoot down rumours that he was too laid back in pushing his music and disclosed that he does everything feasible to get his records out there including doing interviews and other PR/Marketing strategic activities.

He proceeded and added that he is only laid back with his association with so many individuals but he was cool with everyone and keeps few buddies.

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