Wedlock Isn’t About Timelines, I’ll Walk Down The Aisle When Ready – Kofi Kinataa

Ghanaian Ace Highlife vocalist Kofi Kinaata has recently shared his thoughts about his ultimate plans for wedlock.

Kinaata, 33, during an interview with Amansan Krakye on Cape Coast-based radio station, Property FM, accentuated that marriage should not be specified by stringent timelines.

According to the ‘Behind The Scenes’ singer who was answering questions from the host on his marriage plans and timelines,  marriage should not be restrained by strict schedules and should be done when the timing is appropriate.

“Is marriage about fixing a date when it should happen? I don’t think so at all,” he embellished.

The Taar’di-hailed talent articulated that when the time is right for him to settle down, he will do so. He noted, “Marriage isn’t about timelines but when the time is due, that will surely happen. So when the time is up for me to marry, then I’m sure that it will be the perfect timing for me to do that.”

Birthed government name Martin King Arthur, the Ghanaian singer and songwriter has had his fans always asking him about his love life and when he intends to settle down.

However, he has been mute on the special individual in his life and stays concentrated on his career, captivating audiences with his unique style and talent in the Highlife music genre.

However, on Sunday, May 21st, 2023, he was also a guest on Nana Mcbrown’s show on Onua TV, crooning his fans to his new tune, ‘Effiakuma Love’; the lovesong seems to have fuelled discussions about his love life in the media.

But whatever his intentions as far as marriage goes, his music lovers will undoubtedly proceed to support and enjoy his music while patiently remaining for news of his impending wedding.

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