The Most-Streamed Ghanaian Artist On Boomplay In 2023 Is Black Sherif

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

For 2023, the digital streaming platform Boomplay named Ghanaian superstar Black Sherif as the most streamed artist.

In 2023, for the second consecutive year, the extraordinary 21-year-old vocalist/rapper proceeds to captivate audiences with his remarkable achievements. He started the year with a double single release, exhibiting the impressive tracks ‘YAYA’ and ‘SIMMER DOWN’. Additionally, he astounds the world once again with his latest creation, ‘OH NO’, a true masterpiece that is currently making waves and gaining recognition on numerous digital streaming platforms.

Since last year’s release of his debut album, The Villain I Never Was, Black Sherif has solidified his place as one of Africa’s most powerful creative voices and amassed massive global streaming numbers, which made him the most streamed Ghanaian artist of 2022 on Spotify and the most streamed Ghanaian artist of all time on popular African streaming platform Boomplay.

Black Sherif has made it to these pinnacles in record time, playing an important role in the new sound that is emerging from Africa.

The star from Konongo Zongo is set to perform his annual concert on December 21, known as ‘Zaama Disco’, which brings together revelers and fans from all over the world to come together in Accra for a night of true musical experience.

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