Treach claims Las Vegas Police knew who killed 2PAC ‘way before’ recent uncoverings

Treach has opened up about the investigation into the murder of his friend 2Pac, explaining that he believes Las Vegas police have known for decades who killed the legendary rapper.

The Naughty By Nature rapper joined Drink Champs over the weekend where N.O.R.E. pressed him about the recent uncoverings and the arrest of Duane “Keefe D” Davis.

“I think it’s a testament to if you’re a rapper they’re not gonna investigate it. Anything that was said was said by the perpetrator,” Treach said. “Whatever went on the system first knew a lot of this way before.

“Me, I’m just one, there’s two families on either side of life that’s destroyed. When anyone dies or the shooter, it’s n-ggas against n-ggas… Look at the fucking world, everyone stands with each other.”

The East Coast rapper continued: “Suge [Knight] said they wanted him to get on stand. We cut from different cloths. Nobody is ever going on the stand for shit. That ain’t supposed to stop police from doing their muthafuckin’ job.”

Watch the clip below starting around the 2:11:30 mark

Treach believes police had all the ammunition they needed to make an arrest in the case but essentially refused to do so.

“Nah they been knowing. I’ve seen documentaries for decades. Many laying down, many details. If you got on tape in Vegas in a casino of an altercation between different gang factions, that’s a No. 1 suspect,” he added.

“It’s on camera for the cops and then the documentaries come out and say it and we over there like, ‘Duh.’ 20 years ago he would’ve got locked up and he’d be out now. And now you going in, so you never coming out. It’s our people that does it to our people.”

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