Tunisian Rapper Illegally Migrate To Italy Via Boat

A famous Tunisian rapper has illegally migrated to Italy amid a deepening economic crisis in the North African jurisdiction.

Junior Hassen, whose tunes have been viewed close to 15 million times on YouTube, made the potentially deadly boat crossing to Sicily last week.

News medium Mosaique FM publicized the rapper had arrived at the southern Italian city of Palermo after voyaging with a group of migrants from his hometown, Sousse.

Netizens have circulated footage that they believe shows Hassen, government name Hassen Sassi, crossing the Mediterranean on a small boat with other Tunisian migrants. But the footage has not been independently verified.

Doing a personal check on the rapper’s Meta (Facebook) account, he shared a selfie with some migrants on a boat and captioned ‘Thank God’.

Tunisia’s dire economic crisis has propelled many multitudes to take despairing steps in yearnings for better lives abroad. Earlier this year, a Tunisian football club discontinued its activities after 32 of its players relocated to Europe.

Tunisia has become the main exit point for African emigres attempting to cross the Mediterranean to Europe. Tunisians in growing numbers have also opted for ocean voyages on the world’s deadliest migration way.

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