Most Nigerians Don’t Think I’m At The Same Level As American Act – Burna Boy

Nigerian superstar, Damini Ogulu, stage name Burna Boy, has languished over that many Nigerians underrate him than American artists.

According to the African giant, just because he does not slang and utter an American artiste, many Nigerians assume that he is not on their (American artiste) level.

He brought this out during an interview with American news outlet Los Angeles Times.

The Grammy award-winning songstrr contended that his forthcoming album, “I Told Them…,” is his flippant answer to critics who have endeavored to discredit him, both at the outset of his career and now.

He sounded, “To this day, there are many Nigerians who can tell you an American rapper who just started their career, and they’ll say they’re bigger than Burna Boy.

“They don’t understand it. They’ll say, ‘There’s no way someone who talks like me, can even be on the same level as an American artist.”

Story By Edem Latsu Nukafu

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