VGMA Has Thrived To Put Creatives In the Limelight – Theresa Ayoade

Charterhouse boss, the brain behind the organization of the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards (VGMA) thinks that the awards scheme has become a venue that shimmers light on the music space for both locals and global fans.

Theresa Ayoade

Granting an interview to an Accra-based TV channel, JoyNews, Theresa Ayoade elucidated that through the show, Charterhouse has been able to build a platform for musicians where entertainers both old and new can take advantage and trade their craft.

“It has thrown a spotlight on the industry… the show has become a window through which you can look into and see what Ghana is doing in its creative space and music industry…we are talking about creating a platform for our music to be promoted internationally,” she divulged to the host Aisha Ibrahim.

Mrs Ayoade counted that she thinks that VGMA has prevailed in praising and projecting creatives and their works as well as improving their image and profile in the public domain.

Speaking about the commencement of the awards scheme she said her Nigerian spouse got the idea when he saw two Ghanaian artists contending over who is the most famous at the backstage of ‘Agoro’, another TV production he came up with.

Existed as a sales specialist with the Multimedia Group at the time as well as a creative enthusiast, the bankroller said she hopped onto the concept and that ushered to the invention of the country’s most reputable music award show.

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