Black Sherif Inks An Ambassadorial Deal With Infinix Mobility Ltd.

By Edem Latsu Nukafu

Infinix Mobility Limited has unveiled a mega partnership with the fast risen Ghanaian songster Mohammed Ismail Sherif Kwaku Frimpong, popularly known as Black Sherif, in an unprecedented alliance that is set to shape the future of brand collaborations.

This one-year agreement heralds a union of shared ambitions and spirited energy between the leading technology firm and the music phenomenon.

Infinix has been consistently ahead of the curve when it comes to blending technology and youth culture, known for its youthful vibrancy. The brand’s smartphones are not just gizmos; they are fashion statements, embodiments of innovation, and accessible gateways to the future.

The 45 hitmaker took to social media and expressed how he feels about the deal saying :

“Thrilled to reveal my collaboration with @infinixGhana as their newest brand ambassador! Get ready for a roller coaster of inspiration and groundbreaking tech. Follow infinix Ghana 💚🖤 for the latest updates. Surprise coming soon. 😊#InfinixBlacko #KK #InfinixAndBlacko”

Affectionately called Blacko by some enthusiasts, the young talent’s rise in the Afrobeat and Trap genres stands as a beacon of raw talent and passion, qualities that resonate with Infinix’s core principles.

Infinix’s dedication to empowering young people with technology that amplifies their potential is exemplified by the resonance of his lyrical talent and chart-topping anthems that resonate with a generation that is trying to overcome challenges and forge its own path.

The collaboration between Infinix and Black Sherif is a celebration of technological excellence and cultural richness. The strategic alliance is in position to launch a number of cutting-edge campaigns that combine Black Sherif’s creative flair with Infinix’s technological prowess.

The purpose of this synergy is to set trends and empower young people, in alignment with the rapid evolution of the digital era and the aspirations it inspires in its most dynamic consumers.

The declaration of this collaboration also marks a seminal moment for Infinix, strengthening its groundbreaking role in forging connections with cultural prominent figures to enhance and broadcast its message to a global market.

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