Hollywood Divorce: Tina Knowles Files For Divorce From Actor Richard Lawson

Beyoncé’s mother, Tina Knowles, is unplugging her second union filing for divorce from her movie star spouse, Richard Lawson, barely after 8 years of marriage.

Tina beelined it to court Wednesday, July 26, and filed for divorce-this according to new legal docs intercepted by TMZ.

She however lists the date of separation as Tuesday, and Tina is rolling with the usual irreconcilable differences as the justification for the separation.

Tina and Richard tied and made it official way back in April 2015 and they did not have any kids together.

Of course, Tina has two kids with her first husband, Mathew Knowles thus Beyonce and Solange.

In the docket, Tina is requesting the court to halt the court’s capacity to accord spousal support to her or Richard.

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